PHB Mineral Makeup FAQs

PHB Mineral Makeup FAQ's

Below we answer some of the most frequently asked questions about mineral makeup. Whether you're interested in trying Mineral Makeup for the first time or you just want to know more about its properties and benefits our guide outlines all the key things you need to know. If you have any further questions please get in touch via the Contact Us page!

Are the Minerals suitable for all skin types, even sensitive skin?

Our mineral cosmetics are made using only 100% pure minerals and are free from preservatives making them perfect for even the most sensitive skin. Our mineral powders are free from synthetic fragrances and dyes, bismuth oxychloride, talc, parabens, formaldehyde releasing ingredients and petrochemicals. All of these ingredients are notorious for causing irritation and sensitivity. People with skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis and rosascea use our cosmetics with very successful results. It is important to remember that it is possible for people to be allergic or sensitive to any ingredient, even natural ones. This is why we recommend doing a patch test if it's your first time.

Are they suitable for acne-prone skin?

Because our minerals are not absorbed into the skin they will not irritate or worsen skin that is acne-prone. This is a common complaint with other cosmetics;  a person wants to cover redness and spots, uses a foundation that is full of irritating ingredients and that makes the breakout  worse meaning that more make up is used. This is a vicious circle and will almost certainly lead to skin being unable to heal properly. Our minerals are light and allow the skin to breathe and heal naturally. Our cosmetics are non-comedogenic as we never use minerals that are processed into nano-sized particles. Titanium dioxide and iron oxide have anti-inflammatory properties so many people find that our minerals actually improve and soothe inflamed skin whilst offering great coverage for reddened areas. Our Minerals are good for oily skin too, as the minerals absorb oil eliminating ‘shiny’ areas.

Is you makeup Gluten Free & suitable for allergy sufferers?

Yes, our entire cosmetics range is Gluten Free and suitable for coeliacs people who are gluten intolerant. Vitamin E can often be gluten derived however we  use Rice Bran Oil or Non-GMO Soy. Our cosmetics are also suitable for those who suffer from nut allergies. 

Do the Minerals offer any sun protection?

Our minerals offer physical sun protection up to SPF 15 contained in the minerals iron oxide and titanium dioxide. Additional sunscreen can be added before application if needed.

Will the Minerals camouflage redness, birth marks, bruises and age spots?

Yes, our minerals offer excellent coverage for these issues and in most cases the foundations alone will do a great job here. To conceal more highly coloured areas we recommend our Colour Correctors and Finishing Powder. The Lemon Colour Corrector is excellent for dark eye circles and age spots, whilst Lime conceals redness and scarring very effectively. Alternatively try our Finishing Powder on problem areas. The light reflecting properties help to naturally reduce the appearance of imperfections. Apply the products to the affected area and then the foundation over the top. See the individual product for application tips.

Is it easy to apply Minerals?

Yes, very easy. The trick is not to apply too much. There is a tendency for people who have never used minerals to try and apply in large amounts. The Minerals are highly pigmented so give good coverage and a light dusting is all that is needed for most everyday wear.  To apply full make up generally takes only 10-15 minutes and lasts the whole day through.

Will the Minerals dry out my skin?

No, this is a mis-conception which has arisen from the high use of talc in some formulas and talc can be very drying to the skin. Our cosmetics are pure minerals and let the skin breathe and function naturally. They will not make the skin dry and will benefit dry skin as they will not irritate or inflame dry areas. We recommend one of our five moisturisers to fully absorb into the skin prior to application of the minerals. Our priming powder also smooths out fine lines and imperfections and gives a great smooth canvas to apply the foundation onto.

Will the Minerals make my skin look powdery?

No, this is another common mis-conception. Mineral makeup actually sets into skin very quickly and provides an air-brushed effect. It combines with your skins natural oils for a flawless, bare skin finish. It's also great for oily skin as it prevent shine and oil from building up in the T-Zone during the day.   

Are the Minerals suitable for mature or aging skin?

Yes, they are very suitable for mature skin and are far more flattering than many liquid foundations that tend to accentuate lines and imperfections. Our minerals have light-reflective properties which have the effect of lessening the appearance of wrinkles and giving a healthy, natural glow to the skin. Our minerals are not at all drying as they allow the skin to breathe and offer excellent coverage. We recommend using our Priming Powder which  fills in fine lines and wrinkles to create the perfect smooth base.

How are the Minerals best removed?

Use one of our five PHB cleansers. Our favorite is the anti-aging cleanser with organic rosehip. PHB Cleansers remove all traces of makeup including water proof eye make up, and ensure skin is left feeling soft and hydrated.

How about the eye shadows – do they crease?

No, they apply very smoothly and as well as offering strong colour are also very long lasting. For anyone with excessively oily skin, a light dusting of our priming powder across the eye lids will eliminate any potential creasing.

Are the Minerals waterproof?

Our Minerals are water resistant and function very well in the rain or during swimming and exercise. If the skin becomes wet, don’t wipe but gently pat and then apply another light dusting if necessary. Our Minerals perform very well during exercise as the minerals naturally absorb oil.

How versatile are the Minerals?

All our Minerals are very versatile. Blushers can be used on the eyelids or mixed with lip balm to make lip colour. Our lip pencils can be used to colour in the full lips with long lasting matte colour. Our Finishing Powder doubles up as a highlighter and can also be used to conceal dark spots and under eye circles. The possibilities are endless.

Are the Minerals suitable for use after skin treatments, chemical peels or surgery?

Our Minerals are particularly suitable to be used straight after peels or other procedures where the skin is not broken. In fact the iron oxides and titanium dioxides offer protection against the sun which is particularly important as the skin is initially more vulnerable after these treatments. They also have anti-inflammatory properties which can help to calm any discomfort. Medical opinion regarding timescale should be sought after major facial surgery.

What colouring ingredients are used in PHB cosmetics?

We use mineral iron oxides and ultramarines to colour our cosmetics. All our cosmetics are Vegan Society registered and gluten free. Unlike some mineral cosmetic companies, we never use carmine which is obtained from the crushing of the cochineal beetle.