How To Apply PHB Mineral Makeup

How To Apply Mineral Makeup

  • Apply you mineral makeup using the PHB Vegan Kabuki Brush.
  • Only a small amount is needed for fantastic coverage.
  • Shake a small amount of powder into the Foundation lid
  • Swirl brush into the lid until the powder has disappeared into the bristles
  • Sweep the minerals all over your skin, starting at your forehead and moving downwards.

For Extra Coverage: Buff in circular motions onto areas that require more coverage.
For ultimate coverage combine with our Mineral Miracles Colour Corrector

Colour Matching your Foundation

How to determine your colouring: Look at the veins in your wrists in daylight, if the veins look blue, you’re more likely to have cool colouring, with pinky undertones.
If the veins look green then you have more of a warm colouring and yellow/olive undertones. If the veins look bluey-green you have neutral undertones.

Where to test: Always match your foundation to the skin between your cheek and jaw line. Don't apply to the skin on your hands as it wont give a true match.

If a shade looks ashy it’s too pale for you. If it looks orange it’s too dark.
You can also mix shades together to create your perfect match.

Our Mineral Foundation Sample Sizes are perfect to use for finding your colour match. Click here to view our Mineral Foundation Sample Sizes.